Local Government Examples

The following CCP participants have all implemented fleet policies that address some or all of the Green Fleets process. The examples presented here offer valuable lessons for local governments interested in implementing a Green Fleets policy. The range of policies, ordinances, and executive orders presented here demonstrates the many ways that a city or county can implement a Green Fleets policy.


Denver, Colorado: “Green Fleets” Executive Order (the model for Green Fleets)

Alachua County, Florida: “Green Fleets” Fleet Management Policy

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Resolution in Support of Clean Car Campaign and Establishment of a City Green Fleets Policy

Arcata, California: “Green Fleets” Proclomation


Fort Collins, Colorado: Fleet Services ULEV City Policy

Los Angeles, California: Council Order to Improve Fleet Efficiency (and other actions)

Madison, Wisconsin: Green Fleets Resolution

Sacramento, California: “Heavy-duty Low Emission Vehicle Acquisition Policy” City and County Council Resolution

San Francisco, California: “Healthy Air and Smog Prevention” Ordinance

Santa Monica, California: “Vehicle Management Program” City Policy

Seattle, Washington: Clean, Green Fleet Action Plan and Endorsing Policy

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