Ann Arbor Resolution in Support of Clean Car Campaign and Establishment of a City Green Fleets Policy

WHEREAS the production, use, and disposal of motor vehicles are responsible for enormous impacts on the environment, human health and quality of life, including impacts on local air quality and the generation of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change;

WHEREAS the City of Ann Arbor has shown a commitment to reducing the impacts of its vehicle fleets through participation in the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives Cities for Climate Protection Campaign;

WHEREAS the Cities for Climate Protection Program encourages its members to join their “Green Fleets” initiative;

WHEREAS the purchase of more energy efficient, low-emission and cleanly manufactured vehicles can help lead to measurable improvements in public and environmental health, as well as to significant monetary savings;

WHEREAS the City of Ann Arbor can exercise its power in the marketplace to not only reduce its own impacts on public health and the environment, but to help promote the transformation of the motor vehicle industry to create cleaner transportation options for the future: and

WHEREAS the Ann Arbor Energy Commission has reviewed this resolution and unanimously voted to support this resolution at their July 13, 2000 meeting;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Ann Arbor supports the goals of the Clean Car Campaign, which challenges vehicle manufacturers to produce vehicles in the near-term that are significantly cleaner than those generally available today, meeting the criteria of the Clean Car Standard:
_ Fuel Efficiency, 1.5 times the fleet average for that vehicle’s class
_ Tailpipe Emissions, meeting California’s stringent tailpipe emissions standards (SULEV)
_ Clean Manufacturing, that includes best-in-class painting/coating, elimination of substances of concern, and design for recyclability/ recycled content;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City Administrator be directed to develop within nine months a comprehensive “Green Fleets” policy for Council approval that promotes the purchase and operation of vehicles that lead to measurable reductions in environmental and public health impacts, and that includes the following key elements: