Hair Detox Products

Toxins are deposited into the hair follicle and trapped permanently or until you cut your hair. As the hair is formed the toxins are trapped inside the hair follicle. During the test, the hair is clipped from the back of the head near the scalp by the examiner.

Once sent to a laboratory the hair is dissolved with organic solvents and the toxins are removed. Our products work by either coating the hair with an organic film similar to hair spray or by removing toxins from the hair completely.

The products are safe, easy to use and undetectable.

[su_box_mine title=”ZYDOT Ultra Clean” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″ class=”mybox” href=”/products/zydot-ultra-clean-shampoo-and-conditioner-p10379.html”] ZYDOT Ultra Clean

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