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ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner

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ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner

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Get rid of THC, meth, cocaine, and other drug metabolites from your hair with our powerful, yet gentle, cleansing system.

With unique formula, you’ll enjoy a deep clean without damaging your hair or irritating your scalp.

Plus, it’s the ONLY complete deep-cleaning shampoo with purifying treatments and conditioner backed by a Money Back Guarantee.


  • Eliminates drug metabolites from the hair shaft
  • Deeply penetrates hair to dissolve and remove unwanted substances
  • Gentle on your hair and scalp
  • No harsh vinegar, bleach, or other scalp-melting treatments needed
  • One-time use for a quick and easy detox
  • Works in just 45 minutes
  • Effects last up to 5 hours

What’s Included

  • Shampoo: Clears away external barriers to expose the inner hair
  • Purifier: Reaches deep within the hair shaft to dissolve and remove impurities
  • Conditioner: Detangles, adds shine, and enhances manageability
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions

How It Works

  1. Our specially formulated shampoo washes away external barriers like hair spray, styling products, and everyday buildup, revealing the inner hair.
  2. The purifier dives deep into the hair shaft’s structure, releasing, dissolving, and removing chemicals and medications bonded within. The result? Pure, clean hair, free of unwanted contaminants and impurities.
  3. Our conditioner, infused with Aloe Vera, controls tangles, adds sheen, and improves manageability, while conditioning both your hair and scalp. You’ll be left with tangle-free, full-bodied hair.

Note: For heavy users, it is recommended to use the ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo twice back-to-back to ensure the purifying process.

Daria Kennedy - Verified buyer

I purchased this product for a hair follicle drug test. Just for background, Ive been a moderate smoker for two years and stopped smoking a full month before the test. I detoxed my hair with Aztec Bentonite Clay and ACV for the four days leading up to the test. I also dyed my hair the night before and rinsed with Vinegar and Clean and Clear Pink. I followed the instructions and used before I took the test and passed for the job! I also bought new towels, shower caps, pillow cases, and hair tools. Would definitely use with another detox for 100% effectiveness.

Chi - Verified buyer

Passed with no problem..

anonymous - Verified buyer

Great product, great seller. WILL do business again in future. Thanks! (:

Garret - Verified buyer

It works great

Antonia Lemay - Verified buyer

I give this a five star rating because it works for "everthing" ! Thanks ZYDOT for a clean test result.

Jayson - Verified buyer

Zydot worked well for us! We followed the directions to the letter. it's worth noting that there was only 1 "toxin" we were trying to cleanse so for our purposes it did the job! We would recommend and use this product again.

Octavio - Verified buyer

Have used once for myself and referred twice to others. ALL three times, it worked. We used a hair perm on hair first, then used Zydot shampoo and came back squeaky clean! DEFINITELY recommend 10/10!!!!

Arthur Lundell - Verified buyer

Worked for me.

Arnulfo Tappeiner - Verified buyer

This product worked great but you do have to follow exact instructions as given by the other reviewers and you will pass Eve you smoked Mary Jane the day before...I cannot vouch for any other drug because that's all I partake in, also the more hair you have the more product you should purchase, I purchased 2 boxes and I have medium coarse hair

Rufus Kammes - Verified buyer

I usually don't write reviews but for this I felt I should. I was told by my new employer that they needed a hair sample for my drug test and because I had taken a few illegal drugs in the past few months I was obviously nervous. I know this type of drug test is very difficult to fabricate (unlike the other ones) but I had to at least try. I bought the shampoo kit and followed the instructions. Later that day I provided my hair sample. I am glad to say it must have worked!! it was definitely worth it.

Daniel - Verified buyer

Worked perfectly for me. I smoked once a day almost everyday. Didn't smoke a week before I took the test. Followed the directions when applying the shampoo and took the test the same day

Cary Addams - Verified buyer

This product works you have to do it the day of the test to strip the chemicals out after 24s the chemicals will be back. Do step one for 10 minutes step 2 for 20 step 3 for 10 and step 4 for 6. Did it an hour and a half before my test and I passed also used apple cider vinegar and baking soda for 30 mins before using the detox shampoo. Don't use a day before use the day of while using a cheaper detox shampoo to normally wash your hair.

Albert Mokry - Verified buyer

It worked for me, a life changing job that I coildnt missed. Prior to this product I did the home remedy as well plus I not a heavy smoker. I just happened to have smoked a few times 3 weeks before the test

Geoffrey Carlill - Verified buyer

Worked as advertised. Shipping was quick.

Simon - Verified buyer

Just ordered for third time. Worked once before for a friend and also worked once for myself. Hopefully this third time ends in another success

Eloy - Verified buyer

I was amazed when my job emailed me and said that I had passed my drug test . I was looking at reviews and was scared because if I didn't pass it I was going to have to explain to my parents why I didn't . But I followed all the instructions and washed my hair With it an hour before I was supposed to take the test. I did a wash and go so my hair did not touch anything after it that might of touched my hair before I washed it . I brought two packs because I have a lot of hair and used both of them that morning. It worked great for me .

Jesse - Verified buyer

I had a week before my drug test, I thought it would be a urine test so I was clean for about 3.5 weeks before the test. The hair test tracks back at least 90 days. I was a pretty regular smoker (3-4 times a week) and I thought there was no way I would pass. I did the macujo method (look it up online) once a day for 7 days and the day of my test used this product. I air dried my hair and didn't touch it until after the test AND I PASSED. Definitely recommend buying, it works!

Jake Pasquarelli - Verified buyer

I used some home remedies and zydot to pass a hair follicle test, except I left the zydot on 3X longer than instructions say to. I have 9 inches of hair to clean

Antonio - Verified buyer

I don't know if it was this product or all the other things which I did to my hair, but it worked for me. I think it depends on your hair type as I have lots of fine blonde hair.

Tyree Bagnall - Verified buyer

Had been clean for ~2 months knowing I had a drug test coming up for a summer internship. No worries, I knew I could pass the pee test as I had done the summer before. Lo and behold I got an email saying it would be a hair follicle test. Immediately I started freaking out because I knew they test three months back give or take depending on growth speed. I went and got my hair cut to around 1.5 inches mainly because it was time I cut it and I didn't want to have any longer than 3 months worth of hair on my head to play it safe. The morning of the test I did all the procedures on the three packets, cleanser, shampoo, then conditioner or something like that. I was so nervous I was shaking during the test. Waited 3 or so days and got the job!! Also as a side note my hair felt amazing once it was all clean!

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