Green Fleets Process

Step One

Document the impact of fleet activities by conducting an inventory of fleet vehicles, including the types of vehicles, how many there are of each type, and the type and quantity of fuel that they use.

Step Two

Once the fleet has been characterized, realistic goals can be set and measured . Goals should be set for reducing fuel use, criteria air pollutants, and carbon dioxide emissions for the fleet.

Step Three

There are many cost effective and practical measures that can “green” your fleet. Implemented wisely, the actions taken will not adversely impact the day-to-day operations of local government. In fact, many actions will result in significant savings. Measures include:

The Result: Green Fleets

Taken together, these steps — conducting a fleet analysis, setting emissions goals, determining and implementing actions to meet those goals — constitute ICLEI’s Green Fleets process of greening local government fleets. Already proven effective, Green Fleets can help your city or county reduce greenhouse gas pollution, improve air quality, and save money.

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