Make it Official!

Writing a Green Fleets Policy


There are three ways to ensure in writing that your city or county greens its fleet. The best way is to pass an ordinance, or enact an executive order, that codifies the Green Fleets process and delegates specific responsibilities within local government to take action. This type of regulation ensures that all aspects of the Green Fleets process are respected by all departments or agencies.

Establishing internal departmental or agency fleet policies can also bring about substantive action so long as the policy is clear and carries sufficient weight with departmental or agency heads. However, this method does not carry the weight of an elected body’s decision behind it.

A third way may be the most realistic for your city or county. By passing a resolution that serves as enabling legislation for establishing a Green Fleets policy, and then working out the details of the policy at the departmental or agency level, both an official mandate and a detailed Green Fleets policy can be obtained. This hybrid approach does not have the weight of an ordinance or executive order, but does hold an advantage over an internal fleet policy that does not share the backing of a city or county’s elected officials.

A Green Fleet policy should consist of at least five sections in order to incorporate all aspects of the Green Fleets process. First, the basis for the policy should be established, explaining why a fleet policy is necessary. Following the introduction, and depending on how complicated the policy is, a compilation of definitions may be necessary. Next a protocol for conducting an inventory of the city or county’s fleet should be established. Goals for reducing energy and emissions should be stated next, with a clear statement of how progress toward the goals is going to be measured. Perhaps most importantly, a series of action steps should follow the goals to make clear the manner in which to achieve the stated goals. Finally, a system of monitoring adherence to the policy should be set in place so that progress is ensured.

To start the process of drafting your own Green Fleets Policy for your city or county CLICK HERE.To download a model ordinance that can be easily adapted for your city or county CLICK HERE.