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2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program (Regular)

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2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program (Regular)

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The COC Cocaine Emergency Detoxification Kit contains several items that help you prepare for urine drug testing on short notice.

  1. The QPretox Daily Supplements allows you to start preparing for a drug test up to 25 days before testing.
  2. A 16oz bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser quickly flushes toxins and drug metabolites from your urine immediately before going to your test.
  3. The COC Cocaine test device lets you know that you are ready to take your test so you can submit a urine sample with confidence.


Start using the QPretox Daily Supplements immediately upon receiving your detox kit. On the test, day uses QCarbo Easy Cleanser approximately 2 hours before your testing deadline.

  1. Take 2 QPretox Capsules twice daily with water.
  2. Drink the entire bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser 2 hours before the time you desire to be clean
  3. Wait 20 minutes and refill the empty QCarbo bottle with water and drink again
  4. Wait 40 minutes and then use the included test device to verify that you are ready for testing. Be sure to urinate several times before testing yourself


Avoid large meals several hours before using this product. Urinate as often as possible once you begin using the detox products. Drink extra water in the days before your test, but on the test, day drink as you usually do. Avoid all unwanted substances for 48 hours before the time you desire to be clean. Results are temporary, lasting up to 5 hours after use. Manage your time accordingly.

Warning: Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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