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5 Panel Home Urine Easy to Use Test

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5 Panel Home Urine Easy to Use Test

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This easy-to-use five panel home test is one of the most reliable devices to check your urine for the five most common Drugs of Abuse, such as THC, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, and Methamphetamines.

This products accuracy is strategically designed to meet the Standard Federal Drugs of abuse screening levels.


  • Urinate into a sterile container.
  • Take out the test cartridge from the foil pouch (Do not take it out until right before the use.)
  • Use the dropper to put 6-8 drops of urine into the sample slot. Do not add more than eight drops.
  • In 5 minutes the test results are ready.

Results: There are only three outcomes possible:

NEGATIVE (passing)

Two red lines appear in both the Control zone and the Test zone. Even if the lines are faint, it is still considered to be passing.

The negative result indicates that drug levels are below the cutoff level.

POSITIVE (failing)

A single red line appears in the Control zone, but not in the Test zone.

A positive result indicates that the drug level is at the cutoff level or above it.


No lines appear, or one line appears in the Test zone, but not in the Control zone.

An invalid result may occur because of improper testing procedure or deterioration of the kit. Repeat using a new testing device.


Marijuana (THC) – 50 ng/ml
Amphetamines – 1000 ng/ml
Morphine/Opiates – 2000 ng/ml
Methamphetamines – 500 ng/ml
Cocaine – 300 ng/ml

Heidi - Verified buyer

had to take a drug test for a new job and just wanted to know i was clear before heading in. two lines were shown for negative and i got the job. after being offered the job, i toked. the next morning the test had only one line. awesome, cheap, and reliable tests.

S - Verified buyer

These have been a life saver. I didn't realize that when I was purchasing the expensive versions from the drug store I was actually paying for a second opinion ..just in case the results were in question and not for the effectiveness of the test. I have been able to use these freely for random testing without feeling like I am breaking the bank. In over 30 test there has only been one that was a bit odd and with that one ..for the price, we just did a second time. Easy to travel with and as far as I am concerned very accurate.

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