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Premium 7 Day Detox Kit for Marijuana (THC)

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Premium 7 Day Detox Kit for Marijuana (THC)

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Whether you need to pass a drug test for your dream job or want to detox from THC, our comprehensive kit is best for you.

Permanently eliminates marijuana (THC), meth, alcohol, nicotine, and other toxins from your system in just one week.

Legal solution –  Using this kit is not considered cheating on a drug test, so you can proceed with confidence.

Undetectable by labs – Rest assured, labs will not be able to determine if you’ve used this kit.

Step-by-step instructions – Easy-to-follow guidelines make using the kit a breeze.

Health-conscious – Our kit is safe for your health and well-being.

FDA registered & USA made – Trust in our 25+ years of experience in detox formulation, all within a 100% USA manufactured FDA registered facility.

We are also providing our in-depth Healthy Detox Guide, a $60 value, at no additional cost to you.

Included in this extensive 21-page guide, you’ll find:

  • Detailed explanations regarding how your body metabolizes marijuana.
  • Effective, step-by-step detoxification strategies.
  • Recommended daily meal plans that aid in natural detoxification.
  • Exercise recommendations to help expedite the detox process.
  • A selection of foods known to enhance detoxification.
  • Information on natural supplements that can support your detox efforts.
  • Guidance on foods to avoid while detoxifying.

How does it work

  1. Accelerates the breakdown of body fat, releasing THC from fat cells into the bloodstream.
  2. Boosts drug metabolism in the liver by promoting the production of drug-metabolizing enzymes, leading to faster THC metabolism.
  3. Binds to THC in the intestines, preventing it from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.
  4. Increases the speed of THC excretion through urine and feces.

For heavy users or individuals with a larger body mass (200lbs or more), we recommend using this program twice back-to-back (14 days) for best results.

What’s included in your kit:

  • Stinger 7 Day Detox Drink
  • Test Pass Chewable Detox Pills
  • Healthy Detox Guide & meal plan(Digital PDF).
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions

Is it safe?

This kit is completely safe and effective for cleansing the body.

If you are pregnant or nursing you should consult a physician before doing any kind of cleanse. If you are taking prescription medication, or have a serious health condition, we recommend that you consult your physician before using one of our products

Can it be detected?

The products in this kit are made from the finest natural ingredients and cannot be detected.

How long would it take to arrive at my house?

We have the option for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery. Check our shipping policy.


Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Burdock Root, Yellow Dock Root, Milk Thistle Seed, Barberry Bark, Astragalus Root, Black Walnut Hull, Hydrangea Root, Celery Seed, Chickweed, Kelp, Dandelion Leaf, Butternut Bark, Oatstraw, Horseradish Root.

Stinger Detox Proprietary Blend (L-Taurine, Methylsulfonylmethane, D-Ribose, L-Lysine, Niacin), filtereded water, sugar, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, yellow 5, blue 1, sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness).

  • Milk Thistle is known to cleanse and restore healthy liver function after having been exposed to toxins.
  • Dandelion has long been hailed by Herbalists as a potent herb to support healthy liver function.
  • Golden Root proven to boost the metabolism, an essential part of any aggressive cleanse.
  • Barberry Root Bark is a key component in kidney and urinary health.
  • Apple Pectin helps balance your body during a cleanse; it is an excellent source of fiber.
  • Horsetail or shave grass is a mild diuretic that helps diminish toxins from the body and promotes urination helping with natural detox
  • Artichoke leaf lower blood sugar levels and improved digestion, heart health, and liver health.

How to detox with Green Fleets Premium Detox 7 Day Kit:

  • Take one tablespoon of Stinger Detox drink in the morning and one tablespoon at night before meals.
  • Mix with water or juice if you prefer.
  • Avoid dairy products such as milk and cheese thirty minutes before use.
  • For best results, avoid all exposure to toxins during the detox week.
  • One hour before your test take the Test Pass Chewable Detox Pills with 32 ounces of water. Be sure to urinate several times before going to your test.
  • You will be PERMANENTLY detoxified unless you are re-exposed. To be used as a dietary supplement only.
  • Refrigerate after opening.

Important Hints:

  • Ensure that you drink a minimum of 96 ounces each day.
  • Water is a natural cleanser and assists the body in relieving unwanted toxins.
  • It is essential that you do not take any additional vitamins or supplements during your cleanse.

Side effects.

Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain. Consult your physician, if you have frequent diarrhea or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

Pablo - Verified buyer

Works like a charm

q - Verified buyer


Sandra - Verified buyer

Great product has worked for me as well as a couple other people I know. Bought it based of a reference from someone and it did a great job all of us were HEAVY smokers every day for years and when it came time for drug testing everyone passed and was honestly clean within days 5/6 we all drank tons of water as stated and worked out also felt much better taking them. didn't really follow the diet plans and still worked I guess it just depends on the person

Doris - Verified buyer

Followed directions,drank water, stayed active and it worked!

Paul - Verified buyer

Worked great just have to follow all the direction step by step.

Justin - Verified buyer

It works I'm a chronic user 6'5 185lbs used it follow the directions

peter - Verified buyer

Easy, discreet, works every time!

John - Verified buyer

THIS THING WORKS! I smoked every single day for 2 years straight and for the past 3 months had been smoking mainly wax. I was very skeptical going into buying this thing but by taking just 3 weeks off from smoking I was able to pass. Not only did I take 3 weeks off but I started going to the gym 4 days a week and doing straight cardio preferably the stairs while wearing a hoodie and sweatpants to maximize the amount of sweat. I also carried around a gallon jug of water with me and drank the entire thing once a day. Just follow the instructions on the box and you will be fine. I took 2 table spoons every day for 7 days and I still have about a 5th of the juice left. I also bought the detox pill just in case but after taking 3 weeks off I found out it wasn’t even needed. The juice is a permanent cleanse. The pill is a masking agent that gives you a specific window of time that your piss is clean. I just took a drug test to test myself before court and I passed easily with very solid lines. I know it can be hard for heavy smokers to quit but in order to pass you have to stop. There is really no way around it. I recommend filling your time up with other things to avoid smoking. For me it was video games. End of the day if you really need to pass a drug test I highly recommend this product. The juice doesn’t taste bad at all and tastes very similar to lime Gatorade. If you have short notice to pass a test I would recommend buying the pill along with the drink but if you know a little bit ahead of time when your test is I recommend just the drink combined with a gallon of water a day and lots of cardio.

Richard - Verified buyer

Best cleaner out there! Flavor is great too!

albert - Verified buyer

This product worked as it promised.

Roy - Verified buyer

I was hesitant because of all of the bad reviews which is my reasoning for writing this review. This product worked for a GOVERNMENT appointed drug test that was sent to a lab. I also like the product because the taste is actually good. Follow the instruction. It will work. The end.

Joe - Verified buyer

Works great. Didn't follow the guide exactly, but had 3 meals a day and worked out 3/4 times a week during the cleanse. Test came back negative.

Victoria - Verified buyer

I can't believe it actually work!! I just READ the instructions and follow all the steps and you will be fine! I did a home test just to be sure and it came negative.

ADT - Verified buyer

So I’m not 100 percent sure if it was my body’s natural detoxification or the detox maybe both. I’m 5,10 180 at the time of starting the detox. Smoked maybe 3-4 times a week maybe 3-4 hits off a bowl with some concentrates every now and again. Bought this product after blowing through two high concentrate gram dispos since I have a pre employment drug test testing at 20ng/ml at quest lab the 2nd. stopped smoking 8-6-22 started the detox 8-19-22 within the 3rd day of the detox I was passing 50ng/ml at home tests with a faint line. I have gotten multiple sensitive tests from 15-300ng/ml passing those since the 25th. Might get the runs the first few days of the detox.. I wasn’t very active while taking the detox until the last week or two. Cut out all soda, energy drinks, and fast food. Fairly unfit and not very active maybe a 5 minute jog everyday day. Following the instructions and you should be fine not sure how well it’ll work for a “chronic” user but cutting out sugary things and the fast food seemed to help me and I’ve lost 10 pounds since starting the detox

denise - Verified buyer

Used in conjunction with a diet plan and followed the instructions provided (with the exception of working-out), and had amazing results. If you are willing to give up the things that causes toxins and eat healthy for 7 days, your body will be cleansed. I was skeptical that what normally takes a month to do can be accomplished in 7 days, but WOW!

Ashley - Verified buyer

Works great

michael - Verified buyer

Worked for me…heavy use for 20+ years. Concentrates, and high quality Hawaiian homegrown. 2-3 grams daily (no joke) Fairly active, slightly over weight.My experience with this and many others, you need to stop as far in advance as possible, 1 week to the day for me before I began the system, heavy exercise and hydration. In excess of 1 gallon per day. Shouldn’t be a problem with the increase of physical activity. Minimal processed and fatty foods. Yes you will be uncomfortable, nausea, and other elimination issues. Understand your body is cleaning itself out, it’s simply ridding your body of all toxins not just the ones you are concerned about!!!! I do not recommend as a quick fix, it’s a process and you need to see it through. That being said I’m on day 12 no toxins, day 5 of system, and I tested negative. I have a few more days to go and will continue as the directed. Hope this helps. Good luck with your tests!!!

Scott - Verified buyer

Great product worked well!

Nicole - Verified buyer

Worth the money.

margaret - Verified buyer

I got this product and I’ll be honest I was skeptical because I’ve tried almost everything for a fast detox and none seemed to work. With this product however I was clean by 5 day! I’m 6’0 140 pounds with a fast metabolism so that may be helping out tremendously too. The key thing is drink lots of water, I’d recommend at least 2 gallons a day or until your body can’t take anymore. I also added lemon to my water which helps with detoxification due to it having acidic properties. Did push-ups, sit ups, and a mile every other day which will sped up your metabolism as well.

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