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Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink

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Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink

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Permanently removes marijuana(THC), meth, alcohol, nicotine, and other toxins from your body in 7 days.

  • 7 days to be clean forever
  • Cleanses the urine, blood and saliva
  • Legal and not detectable by the labs
  • Safe for the health
  • Healthy Detox Guide & meal plan(Digital PDF) included.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions

Is it safe?

This drink is completely safe and effective for cleansing the body.

If you are pregnant or nursing you should consult a physician before doing any kind of cleanse. If you are taking prescription medication, or have a serious health condition, we recommend that you consult your physician before using one of our products

Can it be detected?

The drink is made from the finest natural ingredients and cannot be detected.

How long would it take to arrive at my house?

We have the option for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery. Check our shipping policy.

Product Description

Are you looking for a permanent cleansing program to remove unwanted toxins from your blood, saliva and urinary tract in just seven days? Well, look no further.

The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox is a drink designed for those who wish to permanently cleanse their bodies from toxins such as THC, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines and other pollutants that have accumulated over time and lets you face the future with the confidence that your body is free and clear of any unwanted contaminants.

If you don’t like taking pills or capsules, then this is an effective method for you to rid yourself of unwanted toxins with just a few tablespoons per day.

The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink works naturally with your body’s metabolism to PERMANENTLY clean your system in just one week.

For those who have a high toxin level or whose weight exceeds 230 pounds, it is recommended to DOUBLE the dosage to achieve the desired results. This will require TWO bottles.

Stinger’s special blend of minerals and Vitamin B2 along with many of the minerals found in sea water will enhance your body’s cleansing capabilities to help purify your system and release harmful toxins.


  1.  Avoid any toxins for at least 48 hours before taking the Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink.
  2. Take one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon in the evening before meals. You can mix with water or juice if you prefer.
  3. Make sure that you measure with a standard tablespoon, not teaspoon to ensure that the appropriate amount of liquid is being consumed. You will have a few tablespoons of the liquid left over on the last dosage. You should finish the rest of the bottle with your last dosage.


* This product does not work for people taking prescription or over the counter medication including Tylenol, Motrin or cold medicine. You should refrain from taking any prescriptions at least 48 hours before taking The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink.

Anthony - Verified buyer

It worked

Donnell - Verified buyer

I am a heavy smoker, I smoke joints like they are cigarettes. I am a thick woman. 5'3 170lbs. I quit smoking the day before taking this wonderful stuff. I tested myself daily, and I was clean by day 4. I continued to stay clean. I don't know what the other people were doing so that this stuff didn't work. If you go to the web sight you will see that you can't take ANYTHING while using this stuff. No headache meds, no cold meds, nothing. I am also a non tobacco smoker. Maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows. All I know is this stuff worked great for me.

Leonardo Kaercher - Verified buyer

I was a everyday haven't user. Stopped everything, cigs, alcohol, all drugs, all over the counter meds and prescribed meds. As well as all fatty foods and dairy 48 hours before I started using the stinger. Then they 7 days I was on it I kept off everything listed above, and drank half my body weight in fluid oz in water everyday and went on a 30 minute walk. At the end of the week I testes clean. You have to follow more then what's on the bottle. Do what I did to a T and you'll be okay.

Ike - Verified buyer

Bought for a friend who said he got the job so I'd say it worked. He said it was easy and had a pleasant taste

Manual - Verified buyer

Used this a couple of times. Works like a charm

jane - Verified buyer

husband likes it.

Kim - Verified buyer

Used to be an extremely heavy smoker, like bong rips and dabs on the daily, until I decided to enlist. I had to get clean for my drug test in a week, I was recommended this product and it worked like an absolute charm. I passed a military drug test even though I had taken dabs a week earlier, without this kit I would’ve failed big time. I don’t get how other people are saying this didn’t work, they must have not listened to the directions or not drank enough water. Either way, highly recommend this product because it worked like a charm

Dexter - Verified buyer

If you're a heavy smoker you definitely need to double your dose. First time I used this I doubled my dose and it worked. I thought one bottle would work this time. It did not. I did not pound water either though. 2 weeks and I'm still testing positive. I'm 5'6" and 130 lbs with high metabolism but was a daily smoker. Lucky for me I have time. Good luck!

Korey - Verified buyer

Worked great and a great seller as well.

Stevie - Verified buyer


Steven - Verified buyer

I was smoking California’s finest bud everyday all day for 26 days straight. THC content of no less than 30%. I also had a THC Vape pen ? 90% concentrate. I was smoking on that all day until that pen barley buzzed me.

I then had to stop because I had to go back to work for a drug test. I stopped for 11 days before my drug test. I bought the 7 day detox drink. The first day of me doing the detox, I smoked one last time. I completely stopped after that.

I started running ?? 5-7 miles everyday during my detox, I also put myself on a high protein, low carb diet to put my body into Ketosis. Ketosis basically means that your body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. THC gets stored in your fat cells, so I decided to burn as much fat as I could. I also was buying at home drug tests to see where I was. I started to become clean around day 5. I would take a drug test and see a faint second line. On the box it states that no matter how faint the second line is, that is a negative result for thc.

To play it even more safe, I utilized the urine dilution technique which was also provided on this website. I bought vitamin B supplements to give my urine color, bought creatine supplements so that my levels were fine and I was also drinking Gatorade for electrolytes so that my urine had gravity.

One last thing, I also took activated charcoal for the detox but I didn’t take much as I was afraid that the charcoal may absorb some of the nutrients needed in my 7 day drink.

I took the drug test on April 15th and I passed!

Joshua - Verified buyer

I weigh 240 pounds.. did the detox with a healthy diet and shazam a week later I am proud to say im clean to test for my new job.

Bruce Legrone - Verified buyer

Always worked for me , not to bad on price , and most of all doesnt taste horrible . Good job all keep up the great work . Rock on

Seymour Slocomb - Verified buyer

Didn't come with a drug test

Herbert Catterson - Verified buyer

I have used it several time without any issues. I get toxic several times a day. Stay clean and drink plenty of water and you should be fine

Rav - Verified buyer

This product definitely does work.It took me about 8 to 9 days to get clean since I'm 220lbs and didnt really excersize much throughout the process.However,thats why they recommend users over 200lbs to buy the product twice and use it back to back(14 days).It works trust me just follow the instructions and you won't regret it.I recently bought another for back up! Thanks guys!

Billy - Verified buyer

I've used this three times to pass urine tests and it worked each time. These were non gov tests so probably different standards, but still using a mass spectrometer and urine. Heavy medicinal user which doesn't matter if the state where I'm working doesn't have medicinal. 185# and about 15% body fat. Used one bottle in one week because of heavy use, drank about a gallon and a half of water a day for that week, and clean test results on test strips and the mass spec. If it doesn't work for you then there may not be anything that does, it doesn't mean the product is bunk.

Marshall Payment - Verified buyer

Worked okay

Rusty Grady - Verified buyer

Hello, Personally, in comparison to other competitors, it has three advantages that make it the right product for me: A) I don't think I have a high toxin level in my body. B) The most important thing for me, I don't have to drink a whole whole lot, you know? C) I can't believe I forgot C? D) Maybe C actually was the low price tag. Groovy. I need to save as much money as I can for the toxins themselves.

Lonnie - Verified buyer

The product works I know first hand because I've used it back to back when I was off & on smoking. What most ppl fail to realize none of you replaced the vitamins that you diluted after taking it...Once you take it depending on body weight you only need 1 but if your over 205-210 u need 2 bottles. Sweating also increases the detox flow so that you may clean your system faster.

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