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Urine Check 7 – Drug Adulteration Test Strips

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Urine Check 7 – Drug Adulteration Test Strips

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The Drug Adulteration Strips are a fast dip-and-read test for the determination of diluted or adulterated urine specimens. Adulteration is the intentional manipulation of the urine sample to pass a drug screening test. Use an adulteration test strip to check if your sample is ready to pass a drug screening test. The seven-in-one test strips are based on the chemical reactions of the indicator reagents on the pads with components in the urine sample affecting color changes.

  • Creatinine-Testing the sample for dilution
  • Glutaraldehyde-Testing for the presence of an exogenous aldehyde.
  • Nitrite-Testing for the presence of exogenous nitrite.
  • Oxidants-Testing for the presence of oxidizing reagents.
  • pH-Testing for the presence of acidic or alkaline adulterant.

Results are obtained by comparing the color on each of the test pads with the corresponding pad on the container color chart label.

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