Outlining the Green Fleets Strategies To Be Employed By the City or County


The ordinance or executive order should clearly outline the strategies that will be taken to achieve the stated goals. These strategies should include some combination of the following:

Ideally, the ordinance or executive order will include prescriptions and policies for achieving each of these actions. At a minimum, the ordinance or executive order should include:

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From San Francisco

(a) Passenger Vehicles and Light-Duty Trucks. Except as set forth in subsection (e), beginning 90 days from the effective date of this Chapter, all City departments shall purchase or lease only models of passenger vehicles and light duty trucks that are rated as ultra-low emission vehicle or zero emission vehicle. Commencing July 1, 2000, at least ten percent (10%) of all passenger vehicles and light duty trucks purchased or leased by the City within any fiscal year shall be zero emission models. The Mayor’s Office and the Director of Administrative Services shall review annual and supplemental vehicle funding requests from City departments to ensure that this requirement is met each fiscal year.

From Denver’s Original Green Fleets Executive Order

Fleets shall address the following strategies in designing their annual Green Fleets Plan:

A. Reduce Fleet size (excluding DIA);
B. Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled; and
C. Downsize Vehicles to Increase MPG.