Setting Goals for the Green Fleets Policy to Achieve


Specific, quantifiable goals should be set in the body of the ordinance or executive order. Goals can be written as a percentage of fleet vehicles to meet some energy use or emissions standard by a certain year, as a percentage reduction in energy use and pollutants per year, or as a percentage reduction in energy use and pollutants by a given target year. Of these methods, the best way to ensure both program success and significant emission reductions is to set a goal (e.g., 20%) to be achieved by a certain target year (e.g., 2010) for both energy use and pollution emissions.

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From Denver’s Original Green Fleets Executive Order

All agencies which own/operate municipal fleets shall, through this Green Fleets policy, decrease fuel expenditures by an average of 1 percent per year (adjusted for fuel cost inflation), and decrease CO2 emissions by an average of 1.5 percent per year.

From Fort Collins

The City of Fort Collins has established a goal that by the year 2008, 75% of light duty vehicles in the City fleet exceed the 1998 ULEV (ultra low emissions vehicle) standards. In addition, Fleet Services will work with the Purchasing Department and the Equipment Board to ensure that information about fuel efficient vehicles and equipment is available and has been considered by departments making purchases.