Establishing a Means of Monitoring Adherence to the Policy


The ordinance or executive order must have a means of monitoring adherence. A “Green Fleets” review committee should be established and the composition of that committee should be specified. Staff from the city or county budget, energy, public works, transportation, public health, purchasing, and environmental offices should be included. The opinions of the review committee will also gain significant weight if an elected official, such as a council member, is included.

Each department or agency should be required to submit an annual report detailing their progress in achieving the goals of the Green Fleets program. The Green Fleets committee should meet at least once a year to review these reports and to assess the overall progress of the Green Fleets program. This committee should also be given the power to modify departmental purchasing plans so that more fuel-efficient, electric drive, or alternatively-fueled vehicles are purchased instead of conventional fleet vehicles in those cases where it is appropriate.

The Green Fleets committee should also be given the authority to reward the agency or department that demonstrates the best compliance with the Green Fleets mission. Recognition should consist of an award given to the head of the agency or department. Further incentive can be supplied in the form of a bonus, vacation time, or similar measures.

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On an annual basis, fleet managers shall submit a draft Green Fleets Plan covering vehicle procurement and fleet operations and an updated fleet vehicle inventory list to a Review Committee (Committee). The Committee shall be appointed by the Mayor on a yearly basis and shall consist of members from the following agencies:

1. Department of Health and Hospitals
2. Budget and Management Office
3. Department of General Services (Purchasing)
4. Transportation Reduction Plan (TRP) Coordinator
5. City Council (non-voting)

and a Fleet Manager from each of the following departments:

6. Department of Public Works
7. DIA/Stapleton
8. Department of Safety

The committee shall develop any administrative policies necessary to perform reviews. The committee shall then review each Plan for completeness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of strategies (See Sections II and III), before submitting the draft Plan to the Mayor’s Office for his recommendations.