The Bottom Line

As you can see, writing a Green Fleets Policy isn’t that hard! If you have just used the previous six steps to draft your own policy: Congratulations! If not, don’t worry. You can download a model ordinance here (in RTF or Word format) or follow the lead of one of the other CCP local governments with fleet policies if their situation more closely resembles your needs. However, you should do as much as possible to incorporate the Green Fleets process (conducting a fleet inventory, setting goals, and taking action to meet those goals) in your policy.

The important thing is for your city or county to take action. A Green Fleets Policy is a step in the right direction toward ensuring that action is taken. But each step of the Green Fleets process is important. You can begin building momentum toward a comprehensive Green Fleets Policy by conducting a fleet inventory or implementing any or all of the Green Fleets strategies. These steps will make putting a Green Fleets Policy in place all the more easier when the timing is right.

You can either go back and work on your Green Fleet Policy, or go back to the start.

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