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Stinger Detox Mouthwash

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Stinger Detox Mouthwash

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  • Removes alcohol, nicotine, marijuana (THC), cocaine (COC), amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, etc.
  • Works in 2 minutes
  • The effects last for 30 minutes.
  • Alcohol-free
  • FDA registered & USA made
  • Legal
  • Not detectable
  • Small and discreet


Even a small toxin intake can cause positive results on a saliva swab test. Do not risk it! The Detoxifying Mouthwash by Stinger will destroy any toxins in the saliva insuring you provide a clean sample to pass your swab drug test.

The most common toxins as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, etc. can be detected on a saliva swab test. The Detoxifying Mouthwash will guarantee that you successfully pass the test!


Minutes before the test, take the Detoxifying Mouthwash little by little and swish in mouth for at least one full minute altogether.

You can either swallow or spit the product out. Alcohol-free formula won’t burn or dry your mouth.

After you finish with the entire bottle, make sure not to brush your teeth, eat or drink anything.

Go for your test immediately. The product will be most effective in the next 30 minutes.

Important Information

Do not eat or drink after you used this product.

Shelf life: 2 years

Stevie - Verified buyer

Works great everytime!!

Steve - Verified buyer

It worked for me...I smoke everyday all day and I for the days did what the directions said and I still have to wait for over 30mins and I still pass...Thanks a lot fur a great product!!!!

Kip - Verified buyer


Phil - Verified buyer

Like it says in my name. I am a Butcher and sadly due to my job most places drug test me. Not only am I a SMOKER but I also get prescribed to me Benzoes and Opiates. So for all of ya that dont have Dr notes for the test. Use this product as directed and you will PASS!!!! Not only did I do a Percocet 30 2 hours before the test I stopped smoking a couple of weeks before. Follow the directions and you will be good

Anonymous - Verified buyer

Worked perfectly! I took it right before an oral swab drug test and passed with flying colors!

Hector Austill - Verified buyer

Passed mine!

Rhett - Verified buyer

Worked as advertised. Cleansed my mouth and passed test with no problems.

Reed - Verified buyer

It worked. Smoked less than 8 hours before the test. Brushed my teeth well and scrubbed the gums, roof,cheeks and tongue (top and bottom) gently. Followed the directions to the mark and passed the test. Tastes like crap though!

Ahmed - Verified buyer


Anonymous - Verified buyer

I used just as instructed, and passed my test. Simple, small sized so it can fit in any pocket and although the flavor was shocking I’m impressed at how quickly it worked!

Percy - Verified buyer

Use mouthwash and half the bottle and works for me once a month

Edward Fomby - Verified buyer

Worked for me, for 3 months now, about 4 mouth swabs a month, only thing is, you can buy it in a local headshop for $19.99. And can get it any day.

Blair - Verified buyer

Don't know why all the bad reviews, this stuff worked like a charm will buy again if needed. I'm not a heavy smoker so that's why I said if needed. Only thing I didn't like was the taste it was very salty.

Wallace Kleid - Verified buyer

Truly works. A++++++ product. Will definitely always have it handy. Highly recommended

Bobbie - Verified buyer

This product got me an amazing job today. I smoked less than 24 hours ago and used this product 15 minutes before having a mouth swab test for my third interview today and it 100% worked. Would recommend to anyone. And I am a daily smoker.

Aaron - Verified buyer

Hit or Miss, Not a Guarantee even if follow directions to the tee.

Rudy Beckley - Verified buyer

It WORKS. Do half and half, about 1 minute a piece u will be fine.

Anonymous - Verified buyer

I did exactly what it claims it does just make sure you follow instructions and you shouldn't have any worries.

Andrea - Verified buyer

This stuff works!!!!!! I did a mouth swab test and passed!! I highly recommend!

Van Badura - Verified buyer

Follow the instructions and you'll be just fine...

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